Our experienced lettings team is ready to help you find the right property for you. We are ideally placed to make sure you know what to look for and where across Bedford, Bedfordshire.

If you have concerns about costs and fees please contact us now or take a look at our Tenant’s Guide.

We have put the guide together to provide information about the cost of renting a typical property through Giggs and Hone. The fees we have used to illustrate the guide are maximum ones - the real figures will depend on your individual circumstances and the number of people applying to rent a property.

It’s very important to us that we are as transparent as possible about our fees and services. If you have specific needs or any questions at all please contact us now.

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Having been both a landlord and sold my property with Garry, I have found Daisy to be a complete asset to the agency. She is extremely helpful and efficient, answering emails almost immediately and..."

C McClymont

We've just sold our property with Garry in just 8 weeks! From the initial valuation with Garry, who is down to earth and very approachable (not your usual hard sell thankfully), through to..."

S Parry

Garry and his team are very professional in all aspects of estate agency. They display a thorough knowledge of the Bedford property market and inform homeowners a true reflection of an achievable and..."

M Stratton

I recently let a property using Garry and his team and the whole process was seamless. As a new landlord I had lots of questions, all of which were answered. I was very impressed with the ongoing..."

A Dasilva

I have been a landlord for over seven years and thought I knew the game well, however Garry and his team were able to provide better guidance leaning on their wealth of market knowledge. There were no..."

A Buckhurst